Guys!! I took a walk today. Not a walk to the corner store or a short stroll — a whole 5km. It may not seem like much, but I haven’t walked 5km in a non-hiking situation for years now and guess what made me do it? Yes, you’re right, Pokemon Go. You see, today I got my first 10km Pokemon Egg, and I was extremely excited, because research suggested an opportunity to receive a Pokemon that I still might not own:



It wasn’t an easy decision, trust me. I tried SEVERAL different (lazier) methods to get through those 10km, but after hours of failed scientific experiments, I had to put on my running shoes and take a walk. However, in my research of Pokemon hatching techniques (and I’ve got a fair bit), I found some hilarious and innovative ones. It’s insane how smart and enterprising people can get to avoid exercising. Check them out:

The Toy Train


It really seems as though Japan is spearheading the lazy egg hatching movement. It also seems like everyone in Japan has a toy train. From what I gather, it does sort of work, but not as well as you would think — 100m in half an hour is sort of a fail.

The Escalator

This is a one-off video and I will definitely be trying it!


The Roomba Walk

This one is one that I thought had the highest potential. The video doesn’t explain how well it worked, but I guess I won’t find out till I buy a Roomba!

The Turntable

It doesn’t even look like it would work, but you have to give it to the guys for trying it out.

Attaching it to a ceiling fan

Ah, the famous ceiling fan trick. I gave that a shot today and guess what — it works! Not well, but it works. I taped my phone to the fan and ran it for around an hour — it managed to travel around 200m. It was really slow and again, not really worth it. I don’t need to mention how much I was hoping this would work well, but unfortunately for me, it didn’t.


After going through the list, I finally decided to go on my walk. I hatched two 2km eggs – a Pikachu and a Spearow, and a 5km Growlithe. Go on, be proud of me.

If this game could make me, the laziest person alive, go on a walk while it’s pouring outside, I think it can make almost anyone do it too. World, please welcome your solution to obesity — Pokemon Go.