Today, I found out what being faint-hearted really means. I’ve watched scores of scary movies ranging from psycho thrillers (Shining), to all out disgusting ones (Descent) but nothing, and I mean nothing prepared me for this kind of scare.


I simple mindedly downloaded the game demo, thinking it would rekindle nostalgic feelings of the great zombie shootout of Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4, as some of you may know, brought about the new shooter view that revolutionized the industry, and everyone uses that format now. Capcom did say that they would go in a new direction with the games and Zombies don’t really scare me, no matter how grotesque, so I didn’t think anything would be amiss.


As the game loaded, I began to get excited about all the zombies I was going to shoot in the head. I had already decided that I was going to headshot them and nothing else. Instead, I was put in an empty house. In order not to spoil the game demo (you should definitely check it out), I will not reveal much, except the fact that I was unable to complete the 20 minute demo. I played for maybe 14 minutes, after which I gave up and deleted the game from my hard drive never to even consider re-downloading it.


To check if I was being an utter coward, I showed the gameplay video of the demo to folks at work. One yelped, one fell of his seat and the other simply sat up and said “Fuck this shit.” So no, I am not being a fool and yes, this game IS too scary.

Now, consider this – this game is meant to be played on VR. I couldn’t handle it on my TV screen with people in the next room and all the lights on; I cannot imagine being IMMERSED in this experience. This is what happens when people play horror games on VR, even stupid ones like Paranormal Activity.


That said, Masachika Kawata has promised that the main game will be completely different and this demo is not going to be part of it. It releases on January 24, 2017, which is a while away. So, maybe I will play it after all.