I didn’t think it would get serious enough for me to write about it, but here it is. It’s Day 2 of my business trip and I’m constantly regretting unpacking my PS4 at the last moment. I did it because my bag was getting a little heavy and I wanted to travel light. What kind of a person does that make me? Couldn’t I have borne a few extra few pounds that would have immense relaxation benefits after a stressful day. Poor planning and Captain Hindsight have joined forces to attack my mind.


As I was walking past an entertainment section in my hotel, I spotted a kid playing on a …welp Xbox! Marveling at this god sent opportunity I went in, but this little brat wouldn’t budge. I waited for half an hour and there were no signs of this lump of meat (who kept mashing buttons without any sense of purpose) leaving (where the hell are his parents). He did eventually get up, but by then it was time for the entertainment room to close. I did not wish well for that little one. My colleague suggested we get a drink like adults do and I agreed, just to satisfy my urges with another sin.

Frida knows what’s up..

I downloaded 3 games before leaving for this infernal trip – Tricky Towers, Rebel Galaxy and Abzu. I wanted to review all three and have them up on the blog this weekend, but won’t be able to until Sunday. I did try them all out, for just 10 minutes each, just to see what they feel like and man, am I excited about Abzu. Now that all the big names have done a review, I can lay down my own casual gamer thoughts. Tricky Towers seemed a little annoying, but I see the potential fun there and Rebel Galaxy made me feel like Han Solo with it’s warp speed and navy style shooting, if only for a few minutes.

Slow down Chewie!!

I get back tomorrow evening and can’t wait for an evening (and night) full of gaming. Stay tuned for the reviews! Neil out.